MATH BOOTCAMP is a  line of classroom resources specifically aligned to the State Standards. The MATH BOOTCAMP Intervention Program is designed to build depth of knowledge (DOK) in students at all levels. This program provides unwrapped basic skills to in-depth strategic and extended thinking practice.  MATH BOOTCAMP may be used as a classroom resource, pull-out intervention, and/or a tutorial program.  The program components may be split up to be used in all of your school-wide interventions.


MBC (Grades 3 - 5) includes:

25 - Smart to the Core Student Booklets
25 - Mathematics Assessments (Forms A-C) w/ Answer Key
25 - Math Daily Practice Drill Student Booklets w/ Answer Key

1 - Smart to the Core Teacher’s Edition
1 - Benchmark Power Drill
1 - Mathables® (Foldables with Journaling Tasks)  
1 - Hands On Math (with DOK Worksheets)
1 - Triathlon Game Board (Center Activity)
1 - Company Drill Game (Center or Whole Group)  
1 - Rock Climbing - Review/Game

MBC (Grades K - 2) includes:

 20 - Smart to the Core Student Booklets with        Answer Key
  1 - Benchmark Power Drill Web License
  1 - Hands on Math Activities Booklet (Activity Coloring and Student Worksheets)















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Smart To the Core Student Booklets
Available:  Grades K - 5

The Smart to the Core Math Booklets help students develop and/or strengthen their extended and strategic thinking abilities. The four intervention lessons (per benchmark) are available in increasing difficulty levels for building depth of knowledge.

Math Triathlon
Game Board
Available:  Grades 3 - 5

Our Triathlon Game Board helps students master concepts and increase testing aptitude through fun and memorable game play. It is aligned to the State Standards for mathematics and is great for center rotations, before school, afterschool, and/or Saturday school programs.

With this board game, students are quizzed on questions aligned to the State Standards as they compete against each other in a simulated race with obstacles that make the game fun, yet challenging.

Number of Players: 2 - 6 players.
Game includes:
• 225 Game Cards
• Game board
• Several playing pieces

Hands On Math Activities Booklets
Available:  Grades K - 5

Use hands-on math manipulatives to help your students master abstract concepts. These math activities are designed to help students convert abstract ideas to more concrete concepts by using visuals and hands-on methods. All of the Hands On Math activities are aligned to the State Standards.

Company Drill.png
Math Company Drill
Board Game
Available:  Grades 3 - 5

Get your students to master concepts and increase testing aptitude through fun and memorable game play. This card game is similar to the "I Have...Who Has?" game. The game may be played with the entire class as a review or in small groups as a means to identify weaknesses.

The game cards target the more difficult concepts associated with the State Standards for mathematics.
Number of Players: 2 - 24 players.

 Game includes:
• 10 sets of 24 game cards
      • Answer Key

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Math Benchmark Power Drill
Available:  Grades K - 5

Assess your students' content knowledge of benchmarked skills using these fun, informal foldables. Each foldable includes content related to the grade-level skills as indicated by the State Standards. Mathables® are fun and easy to create and allow students to review or self-study previously learned lessons.

This classroom tool utilizes the Gradual Release Model or the Reverse Gradual Release Model to introduce and review basic skills, strategic thinking, and extended thinking as it relates to each benchmark. There are three power drills per benchmark that increase in difficulty level.

Rock Climbing G4 Mock.png
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Math Rock Climbing
Available:  Grades 3 - 5
Math Daily
Practice Drill
Available:  Grades 3 - 5

The Rock Climbing Daily Review and Game may be used as a daily review (three days per week) and as a team challenge that reviews students on the concepts associated with the  State Standards for mathematics. This tool can be used as a review of the mathematics benchmarks in conjunction with your curriculum calendar throughout the year.

Web License includes:
• 400+ Review questions
• 8 Jeopardy-like Games

Works with Windows PC and Macintosh computers

The Daily Math Practice Drill was designed to help students maintain the skills previously learned.

All of the activities are directly aligned to the State Standards.

The Daily Practice Drill for Mathematics allows students to not only maintain the skills previously learned, but also to practice test taking strategies to prepare for the State Assessment.

The book is designed with  5 sets of reviews (A–E), for each benchmark.  The students love the uniqueness of the configuration and book size and the teachers love the ease of use and the improvement in retention of math content.

Math Assessments
Available:  Grades 3 - 5

Includes three full-length assessments, with multiple choice, multiple select, and extended response practice. The assessments are designed to identify student weaknesses within a benchmark, so that teachers can react accordingly. Includes Forms A, B, and C.

Math Consumable Package
Available:  Grades 3 - 5
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Knder- resized.png

Includes consumable booklets including:  25 Smart to the Core Student Booklets, 25 Math Assessments (Forms A - C), and 25 Math Daily Practice Drills.