STUDENT BOOTCAMP WORKSHOPS                                 

Educational Bootcamp conducts intensive Student Bootcamp Workshops at the school site. This service is offered before, during and after school as well as on Saturdays and during school breaks such as “Spring Break and Summer.  The workshops are designed to help students prepare for the state assessment.


We are the proven intervention experts. Our expertise allows us to provide rigorous math and science instruction, while masquerading as fun and games. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your students are prepared for the math and/or science section of the State Assessment.


We bring the hands-on materials, games, resources and the teacher. 


You select your benchmarks, provide the space, and invite the students!

$495.00 per 3 hour session

NOTEThis program is only offered in select cities and states. Please contact us to find about availability.

Educational Bootcamp's methodology for teaching math and/or science has proven to work as evidenced by years of data. Most importantly, when students are actively engaged through fun and games, they don't even notice the rigor involved in getting them to mastery.

Weekday and/or Saturday Bootcamp Student Workshops:

  • Are aligned to the State Standards for Math and Science

  • Are a fun, hands-on approach to learning using board games and journaling

  • Designed to build DOK and are connected to STEM lessons

  • Available for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Math and 5th Grade Science